FreshCut is an Established Agri-Processing Farm and Wholesaler of Fruit and Vegetables in Pretoria

 As Agri-Entrepreneurs, we are joining the 21st Century Food and Farming revolution and taking you right back to local!

Why us?

We supply whole and prepared produce. We are dedicated to providing practical yet innovative solutions to enable Food Service and Retail organisations to operate in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

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What we offer:


We have some amazing vegetables growing on our farm, as we speak! Accompanied by a Agri-Processing Plant to prepare it for you! We believe we have quite the winning formula!

Wholesale Fresh Produce

Handpicked quality FRESH! fruit and vegetables for industrial kitchens, hospitals, catering, retail and more.

Prepared Fruit & Vegetables

As Agri-processors, we can offer a turnkey solution. With our Agri-Processing Plant we can prepare FRESH! fruit and vegetables to your specifications. Whether you want your products sliced, diced, cubed etc. We have the team to prepare it for you. 

Fresh Vegetables + A Short Supply Chain

= Sustainable